About Chris

Chris Luckhardt is a Canadian photographer who has spent the last 20 years travelling the world to capture stunning images of abandoned places and unique architecture. His photos and videos and videos have gone viral on social media and have been featured in mainstream news outlets worldwide.

Chris is known for his high-risk and dangerous adventures exploring abandoned places. Some of his most well-known works include documenting Nara Dreamland's abandoned roller coasters, Japan's abandoned island city, Hashima Island, the remote Adak Island decommissioned US Navy base, and the abandoned Soviet space shuttles.

One of the highlights of Chris's career was being invited by Obama's administration to photograph a Halloween event in The White House.

A select list of interviews and collaborations includes Inside Edition, New York Post, Yahoo Japan, GQ China, Good Morning America, Ford, Netflix, Buzzfeed, Forbes, and The Weather Channel.

Chris is currently based in Toronto and shares his expertise by hosting workshops on photography, videography, and social media.